Hi! Welcome! First of all.. thanks for download & install our App “Add Text to Photos”. Remember to send us a good rate & comment!!

If don’t have our app installed, you can Free Download & Install our App (Available at Google Play Store).

Now.. let’s start with this short tutorial we will show you, how to easy add text to photos in seconds using our Android App.


Our app have 3 options to start..

– Load photo from gallery device
– You can take a photo at the moment
– Choose one of our Sample Photo Gallery

In this case we will try loading a photo from gallery..

Choose any photos that you would like to start.. and be ready to start!!

Remember that the idea it’s to try different combinations..
we are just showing one of the basic functions of the app.

Now your photo it’s loaded and ready to be edited!!

You can see two button bars..
With access to all main functions & tools of the app
With more detailed adjustments & options

To begin Just press “add text” button” and be prepared to write..

Now you can start adding your text…

You will see your keyboard.. and you don’t have any text limit.. make texts as long as you want!

Remember that’s possible to paste text that you have in clipboard

In case you need.. our app have installed a complete EmojiKeyboard, that’s ready to use to easy add emojis to your texts..

(Note that when you use emoji keyboard option, it’s not possible to resize them.. for bigger emojis you maybe prefer to use add stickers options.

Now it’s time to test different fonts..

Just press “Fonts”  button and choose one nice typo!

Our app have installed more than 10 fonts

After that.. you can for example choose a different color for your text..

You have black and white color for easy access, and you can also press “more colors” button to choose more options..

More than 20 color are ready to be used!!
Try different options according to your photo background.

If you want to increase or reduce size of the text..
You can use A+ and A – buttons !

Some photos doesn’t need background shadow box..
you can easy turn off Shadow using “Shadow” button!

Now that you have ready your text.. you can easy drag and move text block where you prefer..

Ready with your edition?
You have two top buttons.. one for easy share photo in other installed app and other button to save edited picture in your device..

Images will be saved in folder “PhotoApp”

We hope you enjoy using our app.. and discovered how easy can be add text to photos using our Android Application!

Here you can see final edited photo, that we edited and saved using our app! Take a look..

We also added a cool sticker.. if you want to learn how to easy add stickers to photos.. check this tutorial!

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